In the process of creating exceptional work, designers must step outside of themselves and see the world through the eyes of another. In this modern age, doing so has never been more essential and crucial in history. The designer has to be a storyteller; a critical thinker; a problem solver. Many questions must be addressed. Who am I speaking to and what are they interested in? Do they understand the message I’m conveying? What is it that I want to convey? Have i met the needs of my client?

I love design. It is my calling. It is my passion. It has given me some of the most rewarding moments of my life, along with some of my greatest challenges. Long gone are the days of doodling trains and baseball stadiums during 5th period biology. With my venture into commercial design came a communication between my work and the masses.


In this great age of technology, I take pride in being able to get my voice on a grand scale. My experience working as part of a team and preparing for our global audience has been invaluable.

I trust my intuition. I believe in my work. I strive to balance form, function, and artistic expression with a bit of “wow” factor. The diversity of this great city inspires me, through its art; its music; its style. I'll never stop learning, pushing the boundaries and finding new solutions.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and helped make this work possible, and thank you for taking the time to see it.

Fictional Staten Island Ballpark, 1994

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