Press-On Manicure
Packaging &

A tremendous breakout product for Kiss Products under the Broadway Nails

Brand. This is marketed in major chains worldwide, and also supported by a multi-million dollar T.V. ad campaign with spokesperson Nicole Scherzinger.


Much thought went into the packaging of this product. A PET box was chosen to house the unique primary packaging shape. This gave an unobtrusive feel that draws attention to the bottle and most of all, the nails.


Numerous displays were produced with Nicole's image and signature. The branding was kept black with accents of color to reflect the wide variety of color and designs Impress offers.


The commerical was filmed and aired on major networks worldwide.



Careful attention was paid to the 'How To Apply' images. We needed to communcicate clearly and simply as possible how to apply. A bit more detailed description was offered on the back of the box.




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