Kiss Products
Brand Revamp

Kiss Nails hold about 77% of the artificial nail market worldwide. The brand needed a revamp, with alluring imagery and a touch of class. Major graphic elements were retained to maintain market recognition, while new seductive color palettes were introduced.

Beauty shots were carefully selected and retouched. This Kiss customer is a woman aged 18 and up, who is beauty and fashion conscious, appreciates high-end products, but doesn't want to spend high-end prices. Her style is natural, sophisticated yet sexy.



The Kiss Red and swoosh remained from previous packaging. This is to let the consumer know they can still expect the same quality they've know from the brand, yet improvement is happening. A sexy color palette of burgundy and dark purples were introduced. This gave a luxurious feel, enabled the nails to stand out and made the entire box more visible on light colored peg walls of stores. These colors were printed with a matte finish, which allowed the r glossy red to really pop. Kiss Nails are sold in Walmart, Target, and just about every major drug store in the country. Kiss Nails have been introduced to beauty markets in Europe, South America, and Asia.


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